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    Powerful Antioxidant
    Good for your heart
    Reduces Altherosclerosis
    Inhibits Platelet Aggregation
    Protects against Cancer
    Protects Neural Cells
    Reduces Risk of Diabetes
    Protects Skin/Anti-aging
    Maintains Eye Health
    Prevents Hair Loss
    Repairs Muscle
    Enhances Immunity & Maintains Health
One of the first stages of atherosclerosis is when deposits such as cholesterol accumulate on the inner arterial walls.

Tocotrienols have the propensity to reduce the ability of the cell lining to bind with monocytes. This reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis. [7]

Tocotrienols are shown to reduce the blockage of the carotid artery (artery supplying oxygen to the brain) in humans in a 4-year study. 88% of patients who had been given tocotrienol supplementation showed improvements in their carotid artery condition. [8]