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    Powerful Antioxidant
    Good for your heart
    Reduces Altherosclerosis
    Inhibits Platelet Aggregation
    Protects against Cancer
    Protects Neural Cells
    Reduces Risk of Diabetes
    Protects Skin/Anti-aging
    Maintains Eye Health
    Prevents Hair Loss
    Repairs Muscle
    Enhances Immunity & Maintains Health
Angiogenesis is the process whereby new vessels stem from pre-existing ones. It is the fundamental cause for a dormant tumor to become malignant. Studies show that tocotrienols curb angiogenesis by starving the tumor to avoid the formation of new blood vessels. [9]

Tocotrienols also possess the ability to induce the selective destruction of cancer cells through programmed cell death (apoptosis) without affecting normal cells. [10]

Delta-tocotrienol displays the ability to inhibit the growth of mammary cancer cells. [11, 12]

Delta-tocotrienol is also undergoing Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. [13]

The exact mechanism of the anti-cancer effects of tocotrienols is presently under study. Possible mechanisms include the superior antioxidant property of tocotrienols and their ability to penetrate and accumulate in cancerous cells, thereby preventing cell proliferation.