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    Powerful Antioxidant
    Good for your heart
    Reduces Altherosclerosis
    Inhibits Platelet Aggregation
    Protects against Cancer
    Protects Neural Cells
    Reduces Risk of Diabetes
    Protects Skin/Anti-aging
    Maintains Eye Health
    Prevents Hair Loss
    Repairs Muscle
    Enhances Immunity & Maintains Health
Free radicals attack tissue cells which create undesirable chemical chain reactions and could affect the immune system. Antioxidants could shield the cells from the domino effect caused by free radicals and may aid in maintaining health. [26]

In 2004, a study carried out on a sample of elderly men and women aged 65 or older suggests that daily Vitamin E supplementation could have a protective effect against respiratory tract infections, in particular the common cold. [27]