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    Powerful Antioxidant
    Good for your heart
    Reduces Altherosclerosis
    Inhibits Platelet Aggregation
    Protects against Cancer
    Protects Neural Cells
    Reduces Risk of Diabetes
    Protects Skin/Anti-aging
    Maintains Eye Health
    Prevents Hair Loss
    Repairs Muscle
    Enhances Immunity & Maintains Health
Platelets are tiny clotting substances found in blood and are essential for the formation of blood clots which prevent excessive bleeding.

However, in the event of an abnormal clumping of platelets (platelet aggregation), dangerous blood clots are formed. These may obstruct blood vessels, deplete the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain and heart, causing stroke or heart attack. Delta-tocotrienol is particularly effective in inhibiting platelet aggregation compared to other tocotrienol isomers. [19]